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Our mission for more mammograms

Mammograms for the young and uninsured

In memory of Elise Treadway 10-27-1982 to 6-15-2021


Elise Treadway was a much loved member of BCSOK.  Elise was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the young age of 37 and she passed when she was only 39.  We believe that Elise would still be with us today if her breast cancer would have been detected earlier.  She left behind a caring and supportive family, a loving husband and four beautiful children.  Elise was devoted to her family, and she had a passion to help others.  Our "mission for more mammograms" has been established in the memory of Elise Treadway.  

Like Elise, there are many women whose breast cancer goes undiagnosed because of their young age, being underinsured or uninsured.  Mammograms are not recommended by most medical professionals until after the age of 40 unless certain circumstances or symptoms arise.  But a lot of women diagnosed with breast cancer don't experience symptoms or have a family history of breast cancer.   Not to mention the many women who can't afford to get a mammogram because they didn't have insurance. 

Our mission is to help Elise's family to carry on her legacy.  She had a deep desire to help others.  She would have wanted all women to be able to get a mammogram, no matter their age, referral or insurance status.  We have lost too many  from this terrible disease.  Your tax deductible donation is very much appreciated and will help us to try and prevent additional heartaches from the loss of more women like Elise.  100% of your donation will go towards helping us fund much needed mammograms to the young, the underinsured and the uninsured.  If you would like to help with our cause, please click on the help now button below.  If you reside in the state of Oklahoma and would like to request a mammogram  please contact BCSOK.

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