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Hand Made With Love Care Packages

Our Hand Made With Love Care Packages are just that!  Hand made with lots of love!  When going through breast cancer, chemotherapy and surgeries, it's nice to know that there are people out there that truly care.  When a breast cancer fighter receives a Hand Made With Love Box, she will know that she is not alone and that we are here for her throughout her entire journey and beyond!  Without our wonderful volunteers, BCSOK wouldn't be able to make it happen.  From lap blankets, port pillows, scarves and beanies, to crocheted cleavage and much more.  Community involvement is important and always needed to make it possible for us to continue to send the breast cancer fighters a handmade with love box.  BCSOK will cover the expenses for materials and supplies.  If you would like to help with our Hand Made With Love Care Packages in any way,  please contact BCSOK.  To help cover the cost of materials, supplies, body butter, candles and other special items, please click here: 

Many thanks to JoAnn fabric and craft stores for choosing Breast Cancer Survivors Oklahoma as a hand made hero award winner!

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