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Not having a ride should never stand between a breast cancer fighter and her life saving treatments. Project BUBER is a free service offered by BCSOK that eases the burden by giving rides to and from breast cancer related medical appointments.  A sister survivor picks them up, takes them to their appointment, then drops them back off at home. Breast cancer treatments are hard in so many ways, and this service helps make the warriors day a little easier.

If you would like to join forces with BCSOK by supporting project BUBER, for $750.00 your logo will be displayed on BUBER.  The size of the logo will be 12" and will go everywhere BUBER goes for an entire year! You will also receive social media advertisement and website recognition.  Your generosity will help BCSOK continue our mission by helping us cover fuel, insurance, upkeep and unexpected repairs.


Sponsor Project BUBER

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